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I know both Swapna and Debankur from the time I was associated with the Global Intellectual Property & Legal Operations (GIPLO) Team, now called PACE (Patents & Analytics Centre of Excellence) of GE Global Research, Bangalore.

During those years, I’ve had the opportunity of attending some of the Internal Training Sessions that were conducted by them. During these sessions, I found a fine demonstration of the in-depth knowledge possessed by Swapna and Debankur, with regard to end-to-end intellectual property processes and the legal system behind them. Every training material was extremely carefully prepared to suit the audience, who can vary from management personnel through researchers to intellectual property professionals. The highly professional presentations were augmented by lucid explanations to make the not-so-easy subject matter of intellectual property simple to understand and practice. During every training session, the trainers successfully created an ecosystem promoting interactive discussions and these training sessions more often than not transformed the participants into full-fledged intellectual property professionals. I always felt that training comes naturally to Swapna and Debankur.

I am happy to learn that they have launched a training company “Boutique Learning Company”, Fil-O-Noé Mentors. I wish this new endeavor all the very best. I have no doubt that Fil-O-Noé as the Knowledge Guru will make a significant difference for any company/organization and will have a very positive impact in the intellectual property arena.
Dr. Ramakrishnan Padmanabhan

As part of the IP Master Class on Intellectual Property, we had invited Debankur (Mr. Debankur Bandyopadhyay, Principal Mentor) & Swapna (Dr. Swapna Rao, Principal Mentor) of Fil-O-Noé Mentors Private Limited, a Bangalore based "Boutique Learning Company" to our office at Bangalore and conduct the session.

Both, Debankur & Swapna conducted the session very well, first by establishing the typical scenario that a start-up aspirant may face while taking his idea to establishing the enterprise and then connecting each and every scenario with practical examples, each highlighting the criticality of IP. A detailed discourse was then made on the various types of IP, typical Patent Filing Process, Costs and the like, which are of relevance.

With a natural ease, they interacted with the participants and answered their questions and cleared their doubts and every time ensuring the connectivity of IP with Start-Up.

I am very happy that we invited Fil-O-Noé to conduct the session and the participants who attended were immensely benefited by the knowledge, practical examples and participative session. I wish Debankur & Swapna and to Fil-O-Noé, all the very best and success in the days to come.
Mr. Subhash Dhar
Commence Mint – The Start-Up School